Financial Tips

Financial Tips

Credit Cards Basics

A credit card is a financial tool which gives you direct access to borrowed money in order to purchase goods and services. This plastic card gives you the ability to use credit given to you by the bank to use for various services and products. You are essentially using the banks money to purchase, which, at the end of the month, you pay back. A credit card is like a mini-loan.

A debit card is often mistaken as a credit card, however, this is where you are using your own funds to pay, so no mini-loan has been given by the bank here and there are no fees to repay. A prepay debit card is similar, though instead of paying straight from your checking or savings accounts, you deposit money into the card’s account solely for the purpose of spending (as if you have paid ahead of your purchase).

Borrowing money in the form of a credit card is not only beneficial for you to access goods and services more easily before you may have your own funds to do this, having a credit card is actually a financial decision that can aid in your future life. Many people obtain a credit card in order to build their credit profile, which will make it much easier in the future for you to get loans, for rental purposes and even purchasing insurance programs. You can earn rewards for purchasing goods and paying on time with many types of cards also. Some tips on how to best use your credit card to ensure that you are reaping the benefits that they can bring are to may on time, every time. Also, paying before the due date to keep the balance low is great for your credit score. Don’t apply for too many cards as once and track your spending, as well as ensure security against fraud by checking your balance online regularly.

For more information about different types of cards and who to choose the best credit card for you, take a look online.